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Twin Engine Team


As a Nicaraguan company, Twin Engine Coffee works with a wide variety of artists, laborers, farm workers, tasters, retailers, packers, and suppliers. The impact of your purchases of coffee is felt across this entire network of people. Your purchases mean jobs in Nicaragua. 

The video below features Andrea Woolverton PhD introducing you to some of the Nicaraguans who are proud to play a role in providing you with the best Nicaraguan coffee.

Here are a few more profiles of the talented Twin Engine team:

Roberto is a coffee farmer who has a small coffee farm in the mountains. He is focused on producing the highest quality beans and therefore spends a large amount of time and capital in his fields. Twin Engine helps him pay for his costs prior to the harvest which allows him to focus on the quality of his beans. With his family, he is active in the local church and teaches students to paint. We are very proud to support and work with Roberto and his family. 

Ana lives in Leon and takes care of both her son and grandmother. She is our lead packager and is responsible for making sure that Twin Engine’s bags look good when we put coffee in them. 

Pablo is a painter of commercial signs in Leon, Nicaragua. The quality of his hand-painting is remarkable. We have featured his art on all of our displays at trade shows and events around the world. He was very pleased to learn that the Twin Engine Coffee booth won best in show at the IPCPR trade show and the primary feature of the booth was a painting he made on burlap coffee sacks.