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Achieve funding goals while helping others. All just by supplying everyone's favorite cup of coffee. Selling our specialty Nicaraguan coffee changes lives and creates coffee jobs that never before existed.


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You can combine options 1, 2, and/or 3 to maximize sales.
The average group earnings is $4 per product sold!



Readily available products are often an easier sell.
This works great for groups that have public gatherings, sports events, bazaars, etc.
Group pre-orders coffees and tea. Upon receipt, your group sells at events, meetings, etc.



The traditional ‘pre-sell’ approach. Your group takes individual orders with customized sales sheet, submits orders, and delivers products upon arrival.



A great ‘combination’ option to facilitate selling to friends and family that don’t live near enough for local delivery or pick-up.Take individual orders with customized sales sheet, submit orders, and we mail orders directly to the individuals.


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We are focused on producing the best coffee in Nicaragua and providing it to vendors who will prepare it beautifully and present it to lovers of excellent coffee. If you have a retail store or cafe and would like to offer Nicaragua’s best coffee to your customers, please contact us. You are who we like to work with.

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