Reserve Coffees Single Serve Pods

Reserve Coffees Single Serve Pods

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Twin Engine’s single serve pods are crafted, not mass produced.

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We small batch roast these coffees and put them in the pods right after roasting to ensure freshness. Putting our coffee in pods does not mean that the quality is different. We just want to make our coffees available to everyone.

Boxes contain 12 pods. These pods are compatible with older and newer (2.0) Keurig® machines utilizing pods. Not affiliated with Keurig®. All our coffees are roasted and packaged in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshest coffee available for your machine. The net weight is 4.12oz (117g).

Reserve Blend Options


Our first Reserve coffee is made of 100% maragogype beans. These beans are larger than normal Arabica beans – which is why they’re called Elephant Beans. These beans have tremendous body, creaminess, and oils, which make for an extraordinary cup of coffee. Some of the tasting notes include cocoa, red fruit, citrus, and earthiness.

Honey Bear:

The Oso del Miel, or Honey-Bear, is a coffee that is specially prepared. While the beans are sun-curing, a residue of the coffee cherry fruit is left on the beans as it cures. In the sun, this naturally takes on a honey-like consistency and naturally infuses the beans with a light but rich sweetness. This honey-sweetness adds to the rich taste of the coffee and comes through in the aroma and taste.

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