Nicaraguan Cigar Blend

Nicaraguan Cigar Blend

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Perfect partner for premium cigars

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Note: Nicaraguan Cigar Blend #1 is only available in stores. Visit the Where to Buy page for a complete list of Twin Engine retailers.

Alongside the best coffees, Nicaragua produces some of the highest-rated cigars in the world. To create a coffee that would go well with cigars, we worked with cigar makers and professional tasters before we selected the beans to include in Twin Engine’s Nicaraguan Cigar Blend #1. This 100% Nicaraguan coffee has a cocoa taste and full body that marries sublimely with a fine cigar. Because of its light acidity and notes of fruit, the coffee has great balance and goes well with cigars from the lightest to those with a medium to full strength. Cigar lovers will find that this coffee is the perfect partner for a cigar at any time of day.

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