Elefante | Black Edition

Elefante | Black Edition


Small batch very Limited Edition
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A small selection of our award winning Elefante beans were sun-dried with their own fruit. This imparted a touch of natural sweetness to the already spectacular taste of these beans. We roast this coffee dark for lovers of dark coffee. It brings out the sweetness and intensity in this special batch.

We wish that we could produce more of this coffee, but it is a micro-selection of a small batch coffee. So it is extremely limited.

The bag is hand stamped, rose-white, giving it a rustic look.

Only available in whole bean.

**Due to the small production of this product, it is rarely available. We apologize for the inconvenience but our quality standards dictate that we can not cut any corners.

Grown on Cup of Excellence winning farm in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.