the Best Coffee Subscription

the Best Coffee Subscription

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Why is this the Best Coffee Subscription?

Delicious coffee & the biggest impact per cup in the market….made easy, delivered to your door every month!

  • Each month you will receive 100% Pure, Organic Nicaraguan Specialty Coffees that take you on a delicious adventure through Nicaragua’s beautiful coffee terroir. No special equipment necessary—just the love of a great cup of coffee however you like it.

  • Each month you will contribute to the New Coffee Dollar by creating needed value where the coffee grows that directly contributes to truly sustainable specialty coffee!

Love your everyday cup & love your everyday impact!

We want your monthly coffee arrival to make you smile! If you need to change, pause, or stop your subscription, just send us a note!

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We have created a few different montly options. If you don’t see what suits you—let us know!

Pilot's Club
The Pilot’s Club will bring you a varying selection of our Flagship coffees that will be delivered to you each month. Our Flagship coffees are truly that—Flagships of the Nicaraguan specialty coffee profiles.

Reserve Club
The Reserve Club will bring our freshly roasted Reserve coffees to your door every month. These may include our Honey Bear, Elefante or special limited edition coffees from our Reserve Collection.

FNE International Subscription & Gift (3, 6, or 12 months)

The FNE coffee subscriptions go Above & Beyond. We have partnered with FNE International to create a coffee subscription that has MAX DIRECT IMPACT.

FNE International is a non-profit organization that has been working in Nicaragua for more than 20 years. The proceeds from this subscription will go directly to their work in housing, health, & education for one of the most vulnerable populations in the world. You may read more about their work at