Coffee from Cuba - Blended Specialty Grade

Coffee from Cuba - Blended Specialty Grade

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Cuba meets Nicaragua for the first time since 1959. Coffee grown on small farms in Cuba and Nicaragua.

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Whole Bean and Ground

Coffee from Cuba was illegal to import in to the United States until very recently. We are proud to offer this exclusive coffee in limited quantities to you. 

High in the misty mountains of Cuba, this Arabica coffee is cultivated in the traditional way. It is cared for and selected by hand. Like all Twin Engine coffees, our Coffee from Cuba is roasted in small batches and sent immediately to our customers; thus delivering the highest quality cup of coffee to you.

This coffee features tastes reminiscent of earth and wood with hints of tobacco and cacao. We have blended the Cuban beans with Specialty Grade Nicaraguan beans in order to balance the earthy tastes with essences of cacao and citrus to balance the tastes in this cup. We believe that the end result is a world class coffee.

We hope you enjoy this first release of Cuban coffee in the United States.


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