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High-altitude. Arabica.

Twin Engine Coffee is a single-origin coffee company working in Nicaragua, exclusively with mountain-grown Specialty grade coffees.  What does this mean? For us, it means that we have the challenge and privilege of showcasing the intricacies and nuances of Nicaraguan coffees. For you, it means that you can drink great coffee from the highest-quality Nicaraguan beans, know exactly from where they came and how they got to you.


Volcanic Mountains
Each of our Arabica coffees are grown high in Nicaragua’s volcanic mountains above 1,200 meter altitudes along the slopes of the Isabelia and Dariense mountain ranges. The coffee fruits are nurtured by farmers who have tended their farms with care and commitment for generations. While the Central American highland coffees are known for chocolate and citrus flavors, unique terroirs brings rich character and personality to the beans from each farm.


Nicaragua’s coffee culture mixes modern technology and time-tested traditions. The first Arabica coffee trees were planted here in the late 1700s and, by the 1850s, the first exports were delivered to port by mules and horses. While we embrace planes for transport, Nicaragua’s coffee cultivators continue to rely on inherited knowledge, traditional techniques, keen eyes and skilled hands.


Grown and crafted
Our high-altitude Nicaraguan coffees truly are products al mano (at the hand) of nature and the artisans who touch them. Coffee trees are planted by hand on shaded mountainsides then unhurriedly nurtured until they produce rich coffees. Nature provides each element needed for the coffee to blossom with mature flavors. Cool breezes and centurian trees moderate the powerful sub-tropical sun, while rich volcanic soil offers the nutrients that develop distinctive flavonoids stored in each coffee bean.  Our farmers guide nature’s development of the coffee, and at the precise moment that the bean has achieved its most perfect taste, the best fruits are hand-picked.

Burlap sacks brimming with red, ripe coffee cherries are hiked down the sides of the mountains.  At the mountain base, the bean is separated from the fruit using techniques that have changed little over the generations. Each bean is washed in fresh water and then sun-dried. The dried beans are once again hand-sorted for quality, size, and appearance. Only the top quality beans remain eligible for our roasts.

Making the most of nature’s bounty

As guardians of quality in this craft, our job at Twin Engine is to bring nature’s, hard work to fruition in your cup.  We are single-minded in pursuit of the highest quality, estate-grown, Arabica beans with the most exciting flavors. By the time our coffees have made the journey down the mountain to dry on the sun patios, many months and hundreds of working hours have been invested in the season’s harvest and many families’ occupations have centered upon this task. The farm’s efforts can be easily lost as the seed makes its way from the farm to you.

Because we live and work in Nicaragua, we ensure that the beans are never maltreated. We go to the coffee estates. We have relationships with coffee farmers. We taste each of the highest quality lots along their journey to maintain the finest flavors, aromas, and bodies.

Then, we bring out the very best flavors in these hand-selected beans by roasting them. By roasting in Nicaragua, we are able to secure the beans’ highest potential. We lock in the best tastes from the green beans, at origin.

Our coffee moves from farm to roast in hermetic storage, never being exposed to cold temperatures or drying. We employ talented artisans and our own machinery to bring clarity to Twin Engine Coffee’s flavors and textures. Every coffee is roasted in small batches, which allows us to individually craft the flavonoids into complex compounds that deliver the rich aromas, complex flavors and sensual mouth feel that you should expect from the highest quality beans. We produce various roasts from bright and light to deep, rich, and moody dark roasts. The final stage in our small-batch process is to inspect, package, seal and deliver to you — down the street or across warm Caribbean waters. Wherever your home is, you can transform your bag of Twin Engine Coffee into a steaming aromatic cup that is part of your daily life.


Artisan Workshop

The package of coffee that you hold in your hand was designed, stamped and packed right here at our small family business in León.  We call it our Artisan Workshop. Our packaging reflects our passion for creativity and quality. We use only the highest quality four-layer, valved bags so that it reaches you as fresh as when it left us.

We are especially proud of our ‘Reserve’ bags, which are 100% hand stamped with colorful designs created in León, Nicaragua. Hand-stamping makes each bag slightly unique. You can be sure that each one was made with heart.



Specialty Grade, Organic, Fair Trade

The highest rated coffees in the world are called Specialty Grade. These have scored higher than all other coffees. We only use Specialty Grade coffees. This has been true since day 1 of Twin Engine Coffee. Our coffees are certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) by their strict standards applying to Organic products. We grow coffees in the most natural way which requires more attention but delivers a richness and depth to the flavors of the coffee.

Because we live and work side by side with our suppliers and we do most of the work ourselves, we do not have the same concerns that big international companies have. Our employees and partners are proud of the work they do. We all behave in fair and ethical ways. That is why we work well together and why our businesses are growing. As our businesses grow, it gives us the satisfaction of a job well done. Because we know that the only way we can grow is for more and more people to drink, enjoy, and purchase our coffee again.