Our farmers are paid more than the international price for their coffee. We do this to encourage them to continue to produce coffee of the highest quality, so they can sell it to us. This money helps them invest in their farms and infrastructure, and of course they also use their earnings for their families.


100% Local

Our finished coffee is produced entirely in Nicaragua (Growing, Roasting, Grinding, and Packaging). By roasting and packaging in Nicaragua, we guarantee the freshest possible coffee while employing and developing local professionals. These jobs are not traditionally available in the country. Our professionals are developing skills that they will take with them through their careers in coffee, and beyond.



Making high quality coffee available in the local market. By holding tastings and offering our coffee locally, we are educating the community about the benefits of their own coffee.
Through local investment we are supporting the development of the industry infrastructure. Working at the farm & post-farm ensures that we can all contribute to a more sustainable supply.