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Cigars & Coffee


by Colin Ganley of Twin Engine Coffee

My 12 years of experience as a Journalist, professional taster, and sometimes consultant in premium cigars has led me to understand that coffee is one of the greatest drinks to sip while enjoying a premium cigar.

During my meetings with the greatest cigar makers in the world, we would always drink coffee. In Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, or Nicaragua, the daytime drink with or without a cigar is always coffee. Some of my favorite afternoons on tobacco farms always included the holy trinity: Conversation, Cigars and Coffee!

Because of this natural pairing, I wanted Twin Engine to offer a coffee that is ideally selected and roasted to pair with cigars. That notion was the genesis of our Nicaraguan Cigar Blend #1.

This coffee is specially selected because its taste is powerful enough to be tasted alongside other strong flavors. But importantly, this coffee has a roundness and balance that allows it to be drunk while smoking a light or strong cigar or without a cigar. This is where the Nicaraguan coffee shows its versatility. It can be, simultaneously rich in taste and aroma while not aggressive.

Find the Nicaraguan Cigar Blend #1 at fine cigar shops around the world. Visit the Where to Buy page for a complete list of retailers.